Searching for my voice

Hello World, how have you been.

Sorry i have been MIA on my blog for sometime but i wanted to share an article i wrote for the Women’s Majlis section in The National newspaper.

The article was published on Friday the 2nd of October and i have uploaded a scanned copy of it for you to read here. You can also read it on their website through this link .

This article was inspired by the current hype the UAE is going through with regards to the Federal National Council elections. When researching the candidates i found everything but what i was searching for, my quest to find a voice that represent me as a single woman on the council remained unaccomplished.

However perhaps my main inspiration was the fact that people are ready to SKIN women from humanity and treat her like an object that requires “fixing” of some sort.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Happy Reading.


Day 81: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

“Close your eyes, you need to sleep” the mother whispered as she lulled him to dreams. 
But he clinched to her hands and demanded she stays, after all there was a human on top of his bed. .

A Mute’s Lullaby

Hi Readers,

Some of you asked me to post the 3 part series of the 2 sentence story I wrote on insta on my blog so here they are :: ENJOY


Part 1:

“I was born without a voice, so I let my heart sing my baby to sleep night after night” she wrote in her suicide note.


Part 2:

“I gave birth to six boys. Yet only one remain in my hands and sleeps on my chest night after the other, oblivion of what is coming for him. But I was determined to fight tonight, I will not let it take my last child to the other side.”


Part 3:

“The floor creaked as the devil crawled towards us and darkness bestowed upon my child… I chanted my prayers against the devils calls but I woke up next to six empty cribs and the horror of the devil who took its children from their mother.”