Day 99: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

What is this urge I have to sleep next to my notebook and pen. To always have them at the reach of my fingertips. To stay up after all lights are out, as my eye lids grow heavier than ever, but I insist to write, write something, write anything, I need the fume of paper more than I need air ,,, do you feel the same ?


Day 86: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

Let’s make history. Building our fort one block at a time. Tackling enemies one battle at a time. 
Let’s make history. Climbing the ladders we made out of our nemesis’s heads. Crushing the bones of the defilers in their beds. 
Let’s make history. Let’s name our swords and sing proudly as they’re brought from their hoards. Out of their thrones they are drawn by mighty sons of nobel lords. 
Let’s make history. Let’s leave a mystery. Heirlooms are not our game. Let’s make history. One that would echo through the ages. As we live forever in books and pages. 
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day 15: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

Clear your mind,,, surf through your soul,, and find the beast within you.

Discover the deepest dungeons of your hearts castle, know every bit of yourself and live as a ruler of your own world. No one shall break your walls and diminish you.

If you know all your strengths and weaknesses. If you have embraced and accepted yourself as you are, then nothing the world says will effect you. You are now confident and in control. You know you are not perfect, for perfection is just an illusion that we must strive to have, a mirage in the desert that shows us the way but it’s never touched.

When someone uses your weaknesses to hurt you then you shall remain unaffected as you don’t see them as problems, but mere unique characteristics of YOURSELF.
Be that version of a confident YOU.

Day 12: Banafsaj 100 day of writing

It takes a moment to realize the emptiness that surrounds you. But you always prefer to keep your eyes shut; you force your self to see the good part only, to always keep staring at the half full part of the cup. The urge to fight, the passion to prove wrong is not within every being, its our weaknesses that need controlling not our emotions. But is that really true my love?

Day 8: Banafsaj 100 day of writing

The world grows numb around me
I grow poisonous

Every breath is dreary
It’s a killer instinct, so dangerous

I feel my body caving down
I feel my self drown

I feel the pain taking over
My conscious, my body, my crown

I fall from my throne
Tangled in my robes of
Pride, arrogance, no agony
No sadness, just slipping on
The blood of my victims