Day 100: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

هذه آخر اضافة الى تحدي #بنفسج_تكتب_لمئة_يوم شكرًا لكل من تعنى وياي و قرا كتاباتي. اشكر لكل من علق و ساعدني اطور من نفسي.



Day 99: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

What is this urge I have to sleep next to my notebook and pen. To always have them at the reach of my fingertips. To stay up after all lights are out, as my eye lids grow heavier than ever, but I insist to write, write something, write anything, I need the fume of paper more than I need air ,,, do you feel the same ?