Day 86: Banafsaj 100 days of writing

Let’s make history. Building our fort one block at a time. Tackling enemies one battle at a time. 
Let’s make history. Climbing the ladders we made out of our nemesis’s heads. Crushing the bones of the defilers in their beds. 
Let’s make history. Let’s name our swords and sing proudly as they’re brought from their hoards. Out of their thrones they are drawn by mighty sons of nobel lords. 
Let’s make history. Let’s leave a mystery. Heirlooms are not our game. Let’s make history. One that would echo through the ages. As we live forever in books and pages. 
#100daysofwriting #banafsaj100daysofwriting #day86#makehistory #mywritings #myphotography #english#LateNightRamblings


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