Not yours

You look at the mirror. Black hair falling like waterfalls on your rock hard bare shoulders. You look again, touch your pale skin with your shaking fingers. You are on your knees as you move closer to the mirror and you take a long deep look into those black hollow eyes.
Your lips start trembling as your fists hit the mirror over and over again.

This isn’t your reflection.

You close your eyes, shake your head in denial, rub your eyes with long dead cold fingers hoping to shake this nightmare away, you pick up a picture frame on the night stand beside you and look deep into your picture. The face you don’t remember any more. The red hair, the green eyes, the YOU. Your eyes travel from the mirror to the picture a hundred glance in a second. This reflection isn’t yours. This body is no longer yours. You see what it wants you to see. You do what it wants you to do. You stared into the abyss for too long. Now your eyes are raining tears yet the Devils draws that mischievous smile on your face. For now your belong to it.

Nighty night readers 💀

This was a photo prompt but the photo doesn’t belong to me. Please claim if it’s yours ✌️.


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