just an urban myth

After reading this sleep, if you can 😉

This is your bedtime story . . “Silence”screeched an unearthly voice. Low, strong, shivering voice that came from nowhere. But you heard it, you heard it loud and clear, and you wonder, was that your mind playing tricks again or was it the terror of reality. You stop singing but you hesitate to leave your bed or reach out your hand to light the pitch black room. Your senses were never so awake. You can feel every movement of the hair in the back of your neck. you squint at the corners of the dark room lying under your blanket to the shadow of the unknown. “Is it a mirage?” you wonder, and you hear it again. This time you hear the shadow inhale hard as if it sucked the life out of the room. A gurgling sound tickles the shadow’s throat and motionless the shadow speaks “Silence my slave”. You see the shadow approach you and take you in it’s black clock and you were nothing but a memory among the mortals, just an urban myth.


.. The End.. . .
Nighty night hope you have pleasant dreams *evil laugh* 

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