A Mute’s Lullaby

Hi Readers,

Some of you asked me to post the 3 part series of the 2 sentence story I wrote on insta on my blog so here they are :: ENJOY


Part 1:

“I was born without a voice, so I let my heart sing my baby to sleep night after night” she wrote in her suicide note.


Part 2:

“I gave birth to six boys. Yet only one remain in my hands and sleeps on my chest night after the other, oblivion of what is coming for him. But I was determined to fight tonight, I will not let it take my last child to the other side.”


Part 3:

“The floor creaked as the devil crawled towards us and darkness bestowed upon my child… I chanted my prayers against the devils calls but I woke up next to six empty cribs and the horror of the devil who took its children from their mother.”



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