Stars Whisper


Just A Thought… the midnight ramblings of my mind…


KOBAYASHI ISSA said once “Summer night— even the stars are whispering to each other” 

True, but what are they whispering about. They watch us from up there, watch us as we sink head deep in our sins like worshipers of our lustful souls. Watch as we desecrate the very fabric of our nature down to ashes and threads. Watch us burn blazing colours of blue and red flames as we live like immortals.

But our mortality is what makes us more alive. Our limitations make our imagination wonder the heavens through our minds. We wrap our selves with beliefs that we later defile. We hide in shadows of demons we created and claw our way out of our skin like snakes we change colour, grow, wilder and more lethal.


I don’t envy the stars, i pity them.

They are damned with beauty that can only see our ugliness.


We consume on it generation after generation, and she is just a curled up ball of mesmerising golden and white flame doomed to burn for our eyes indulgent.


Poor stars,,, blessed with a cursed fate…


Feature image credit to: trublueboy.

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