The Devil Inside

Torn between two worlds,,,
That’s how I live,,,
Shattered existence.. confused thoughts.. questioned morals

Painful souls,, aching silence..
Don’t feel I am alive,,,
A mummy I became.. just a myth of the mortals

Don’t be the devil,,,
Don’t whisper demonic deeds,,,
Don’t speak of the unspeakable,, those words that hurt

Your demons are unleashed..
No chains can hold them,,,
Don’t spoil my purity.. don’t cage my heart

I don’t want to tame you,,
You’re not my prisoner..
Just walk with me,, and share my path

Respect is what I asked for,,
And I will give it in return,,,
Hear my voice before you judge me…

I have a child’s heart,,
I keep it locked safe,,,
Don’t ask for the keys.. as I have lost them…

Your demons call me,,
With those vicious names,,,
I still didn’t give up.. am calling your angels

My calls will be answered,,
I have that belief,,
The fog will be lifted.. darkness will be unleashed…


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