Its ironic how a painful experience of loosing someone to death can get us inspired to write about our emotions. i recently lost a dear to death, i hope she rest in peace, this blog post is inspired by my grieve »

Undead Me…
Like corpses we lay dead, so empty inside, so insignificant
Like dreams of a blind being, so full of darkness and illusions

We drag our dead bodies, these vessels of our painful souls,
Mourning silently along the way, with eyes as crisp as red sunrise

We force ourselves to live everyday, not knowing the difference between a blessing and a curse

We smile, we laugh, we cry in disguise,
We travel dreams in search of relief

We stare at the sunset, we welcome the sunshine,
We see the beauty of this world with sorrowful gaze

God created sunset and sunrise,
To give us warmth and fill us with hope

But we stare at them like corpses of the undead like they were made to be seen while standing on the beach, while embracing our pain, while remembering the past…

The beauty of this world is now long lost,,, we can’t find happiness of the things that were made to shine

Hushhhh my little heart, don’t scream of the pain,,,
Hushhhh my baby don’t mourn your ache

We shall live in the heaven we created in our minds,,,
Hushhhh my little heart, for Hope Shall Rise once again


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