Let’s cut to the chest, Being the older child is really hard,, for people who don’t know it, it’s easy,, they think we sit around holding Pepsi in one hand bossing the little ones around with the other,, Go figure that’s what I thought too, but the shocking news was when reality grabbed me by the neck slapped me in the face on both cheeks twice. Just like a cartoon movie where a hand suddenly appears from the sky slapping a leaving within glimpse,, Dramatic I know just work with me OK ^_^

For ten years I was my Mom’s only child,, the one and only spoiled daughter. When I realized my mum was pregnant, I was ten years old back then, a lot changed in my life.

At that time, I , for the first time in my life, finally, started regularly praying and asking GOD “Allah pleaaaase pleaaase pleaaaase bless me with a sister that looks exactly like me, so that people would think we are twins” that was my childhood prayer, simple, innocent, full of love for my coming baby sister, which I hoped to be a sister.

For all of you who want to know the saying that when children pray for something they really want it happens,, well that’s 100% true, EVIDENCE my sister looks exactly like me. I remember one time when she was about 5 years old I was looking through some old bunch of pictures, and SURPRISE there was a picture of me when I was about 4 years old,, I showed my sis the picture and asked her the dumb question each adult or semi-adult asks any child near them, Do you know who this is?? “Hanan” that is my sister’s name, grabbed the picture and said (that’s “Hanan”), I told her no that’s me that’s ”Hessa”. she insisted that was her so bad she even took the picture to mum (Kids!!! Whatever). Yet again the invincible truth me and my sister look the same, she is just a really really thin version of me.

However I stand here now I am twenty one years old looking forward to start my final semester at Zayed University. My sister is Now Eleven years old and stubborn as a member of Al-Balooshi family is expected to be (LOL). It came a time in my life during the past eleven years that I really got fed up with my sister. As I said being an older sister is not always fun. If you are the older you are expected to be the responsible one, the forgiving, the “Bigger person” as it is referred to. Not always the fun recipe but is the reality. It doesn’t matter if you are the big sister or brother you are expected to sacrifice a lot. It also occurred to me once as a crazy idea to have a society to support the older child, like the ones calling for human right and so,, you know  just a crazy idea. But as a project for one of my classes I encountered a video of one of “Operah’s” episodes, she said something that really lighted me up. They were discussing “True Forgiveness” and how does one achieve it. True forgiveness is being thankful no matter how bad the experience we go through is or no matter how much the next person have hurt us because and I quote “True Forgiveness is thanking that person for giving you that bad experience because it made you a better person.” “You have to think what quality you had grow in order to overcome that obstacle.”

So the summary of it all, no matter how hard you had to work as the older sister or brother, what matters is the sense of pride you get out of it when you know you had to make yourself a better person so that the next in line will be as good. You can be the role model they look after.  Also remember what our Prophet Mohammed (BBUH) always advised us because his advise constantly pushed me forward, First Be optimistic as it will always turn to the best. Believe in Fait because whatever happens does for a really good reason, and finally be the best role model ever. From my personal experience I can say that there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that there is someone you influenced and inspired so much that you became their role model at least at a smaaaal scale in their lives. So I Salute all the good Big Sisters and Brother and ask you to keep ROCKING ON.


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