Language of “Sorry”

It was a summer day, the sun is there as bright as a star can shine, and as annoying “diva” as a thing named “star” can be. I came back home to find my mom made one of my favorite Emirati sweets named “Khabees”, that although I know how to cook I never bothered to learn how to make it. I sat in my regular couch in the living room with my laptop on my lap, As usual, flipping from one page to another and probably shortening the lifespan of my fingers by typing like crazy, with that cheesy smile on my face cause I know mom just apologized to me.

If your gonna read that piece one more time, trying to spot in which part mom apologized at then I will save you the trouble and say the magic is in the “Khabees”,, How? That is my mom’s language of sorry.

Through my interaction with different people that passed through my life, I realized the fact that apology is a very hard step for many people, I am not a psychologist but that can be because of the self-esteem issues or their moral compass is just different from mine. However I know one thing that every person apologies is their own way.

Going back to the root is not always helpful. For example if a person drops a pen from your hand then apologizes for that its good, but the same person can get you in a big problem with your boss, maybe even unintentionally, yet not show any sort of remorse. On the other hand there are people who will apologize clearly for any big trouble caused by them, but a small issue like dropping a pen may not make them even blink again.

The question is: How would you rather be friends with?

I don’t think that is a proper question to ask, since I don’t believe you have full control on who your friends are, or at least not always, yet for me I would rather be with the 2nd person, because he/she can be rude sometimes, but when it really matters their morals are clear.

Then we meet the OTHER kind of people, like my mom, who will Never Ever say the word sorry or any of its synonyms by their mouth, rather make a gesture that by time you should be programmed to read as their sincere apology.

I should admit that sometimes it makes me frustrated, sad, and gives me the blue,,, yet I rather be with someone that gives me a sign of remorse than someone who ignores the whole situation.

I know that different people apologize distinctly, some bring flowers, others cook, and some write letters, I don’t know If it’s the right thing to do, but I learned that this situation just exist, and like many thing in life, this is one of the situations that a hard right or wrong does not apply here. Yet it is up to the people to see if its something they can accept or not…

Soo ,,, tell me,,, is this is something you would prefer, or you need your apology to be loud and clear…


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