Elevating me

It can be quite surprising,, this life, the urge to sit at 12: 11 in the midnight, while the rest are sleep like bodies lined up on the bed. The feeling of emptiness is rather amusing to have once in a while, giving us a chance to explore the other YOU. My emptiness is not only driven from the fact that now my To Do List, and university assignment schedules are free, but also from the fact that I feel internally incomplete. Leaving the final few months in the university is harder than I expected, I thought I would be happy at this semester and that time would pass by faster than I thought. However now I can through all those thoughts in a pile of my paper, burn them, and through the rest in a big ugly garbage, because that is not what is happening. Every day I feel more torn apart as this very special time in my life is coming to an end. This isn’t me; I am not a person that stares long at a door that is closed rather a person who looks at the future with high anticipations. However the 4 years that I spent in Zayed University campus was more than magical. I got to amaze many people including myself. I got to challenge, win, lose, inspire and get inspired by many. I made true friends and possibly enemies, colleagues and competitors. I discovered the leader that was hidden within, and the person I couldn’t see in my mere reflection in the mirror. I had a dream where I was visited by the first teacher that taught me in the university the first time I entered it, Mrs. Girgana Al Zeer, I lonely tear found its way from my eyes across my cheeks and directly within my heart to think that This Is It, there is no turning back or stalling, not anymore. It seems like I set my first footstep into university last week, and now I am a senior student graduating in June. Sometimes I feel it is a joke or prank that would end any second, and sometimes o find my way back to this page writing words that are carved in my mind, heart, and soul, indicating the time to say Goodbye to all the memories, friends gathering, and club noises that are not going to be the same again. With sorrow in my voice and pain in my heart, I Hessa say Goodbye.

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